Alder Wood Smoked Porter

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Alder Wood Smoked Porter is hopefully going to be a beer close to Alaskan Smoked Porter. I bottled this beer up today and it was a really good looking beer. Nice light smokey smell to it. It tasted awesome too. Three long weeks and I'll know how good it really is. The FG came in a bit higher than I expected, but with steeping grains and smoked malt, there is probably more unfermentable sugars in there. I thought it might taste cloying but the sweet is balanced by the far. It is a shame the store that sells this brew kit is a mess. Their recipes contradict themselves so I have no idea if my OG and FG are in their "style" or not. Who cares if it tastes good!

OG 1.072 10/5/09
FG 1.026 11/6/09


Another happy clear bottle.
Depressing how dark it is at 4 PM now isn't it?


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