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tienbier time. Wow, that was fun. Fire, hot rocks, pokers, poles, and wort. What more could you ask for?

Blowing off the rocks with an
air compressor

Making sure the beer won't taste like ash.

Going from cold to steeping
temperatures was going to take
more day than we had... we called in the propane burner
and eventually brought it up to almost boiling

In goes some malt. It was supposed
to be a 33# jerry can but the LHBS messed up.
10 cans, oh joy.

In goes more malt.

In goes more malt.

In goes more malt.

Carrying it all over to the fire.

We placed it close to the fire to lessen the
transport of hot rocks.

Got to boiling quickly.

Lots of blowing off ash.

Hops time.

Nice boil.

More hops.

More hops.

Stir in the hops.

Very nice boil.

Almost boil over.

Lots of splashing.

”I am a 10th level beer nerd.”

”Grab my poker please!”

So many choices when a bunch of brewers
and a 10th level beer snob come to the party.

Close to finishing.

Transferring wort to carboys.

Carboys ready to be filled.

”I drink the beer that I brew.””No ,wait.”
“I brew the beer that I drink.” “And I
make my own cheese too.”

Sumpfhaus Bruan ready to start


Scott Schluter said...

Anyone know of a better way to post here than the default they give you? It is HORRENDOUS!

Scott Schluter said...

Ug, editing is awful. I got the info up, not the way I wanted but at least it is up. There has got to be a better way.

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