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I have begun making things for Colon Cancer Awareness.  Some of the funds I raise from the sale of these items will go towards worthy Colon Cancer charities such as the Blue Note Fund or the Colon Cancer Alliance .  I will be covered for 53 hours out of work which almost gets me to July when Aflac kicks in if I am out another 7 days.  

In other words, things are going to be tight.  And with furlough days already hitting our wallet, and two vehicles about broken down, things are really tight.  Fortunately, we found a van for Sarah so we can get back and forth to Boston reliably.  With my check engine light on, little left on my brakes, and a leaf spring shackle gone (spring lies on the bottom of the truck bed), we are just waiting for the other shoe to fall.

I don't like handouts so I found a way that will help me, help others, and raise awareness of colon cancer.  The prices are higher than I would normally expect, but some of it goes to a cause, and the remainder will be helping me and my family.  Colon Cancer is a totally treatable and beatable disease when colonoscopies are performed when they should be.  If someone in your family had colon cancer, get  colonoscopy as early as possible.  If nobody in your family had colon cancer, get a colonoscopy as early as possible.  Removal of a polyp is nothing, letting it turn into cancer because it wasn't found will turn your world upside down.

My Etsy shop for Colon Cancer Awareness:
Check back often, many sizes and designs are in the pipeline.

If you are local I am also working on some Colon Cancer Awareness Angels.  I will be able to send these via mail once we figure out the costs.  For now, local pickup or delivery only at $5 each.  I will be adding halos to them.  The hangers are long enough to put around a rearview mirror or can be shortened to hang in a window.  I thank you if you feel inclined to help me or others.  I hope you learned how easy it is to potentially save your life by getting a simple procedure.  I hope you spread the word.


Rachael Stevens said...

you are so resourceful, Scott. Your wife and kids are very lucky people. A great family!! Best of Luck to you in this battle. My Mom had stage 4 and has been clean for nearly 4 years!!

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