Big Brew Day-Vulcan Warrior IPA

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We got together again to brew up Greg's IPA recipe for 20 gallons of wort. Greg and I each took 5 gallons of wort home and Mark took 10 gallons of wort home. We had a great time, even though Greg forgot to bring the grain mill...thank goodness it is an extract recipe! Here is the recipe by the way:

20 Gallons of Wort
33.00 lbs. Briess LME- Gold
3.00 lbs. Crystal 40L
0.50 lbs. Special B Malt

3 oz of Warrior Hops 60 minutes
2 oz of Warrior Hops 15 minutes
3 oz Cascades Hops 0 minutes

My brew is with S-05 yeast, and I did something really different in an attempt to get that big cascade flavor I wanted.

My procedure, the day after brew day:
Boil 1 gallon of water.
Stir in 1# DME.
Toss my chiller and 2.5oz of cascade.
Boil for 15 minutes.
Chill to around 60F to match the wort closely.
Pitch onto the IPA.

The gang getting ready.

The ingredients.

Someone forgot the grain mill so he did it old school style.

Heating up the malt to make it pour easier.

Chilling the wort.

Measuring out the wort.

Siphoning off the wort from the kettle.

20 Gallons of wort

Tucked into bed ready for yeast sex.

The beer fermenting


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