Sauerkraut Season

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Cabbage was on sale for $0.25 a pound so Sarah picked up four large heads to make into sauerkraut. AND as luck would have it, someone offered up a ton of canning jars for free on freecycle! Time for sauerkraut!

Here is the 17 pounds (shredded weight) of cabbage ready to start the process of becoming yummy sauerkraut.

Since I am a homebrewer and I have a beer to bottle tomorrow anyways, I mixed up a batch of sanitizer. Figured I'd use it on the bucket for mixing the cabbage and salt as well as the crock.

A little cabbage and a little salt get mixed up by my sanitized hands.

Here is the cabbage all mixed up with the salt in the tub. Ready to be packed into the crock tightly.

Here is the salted cabbage pressed into the crock tightly.

A plate is placed on top for weighning down the cabbage. This is ready to go to the basement for fermentation.

Fill the Bag up with water to create a nice seal and way down the cabbage in the brine.

And here it will sit for over a month, fermenting into yummy kraut.


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