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Nottingham yeast is usually my "go-to" yeast. It has a very clean profile, good flocculation, it's easy to use being a dry yeast, and it is very economical. Unfortunately, they have had a bad run. Danstar has admitted to one bad yeast batch #1081140118V exp 01-2011 out Austria. The stamping machine punctured the package and the yeast may have been damaged by oxygen. I had one of those packets and it did not take off in my Braggot. I pitched the Braggot onto a yeast cake after no activity for too long for my comfort. I've got another packet here with that batch number. I also have a packet from a different batch #1080360088V exp 08-2010 out of Denmark. The packet is just as damaged by a stamping machine but Danstar admits nothing wrong with this batch. I strongly disagree. They are replacing bad packets, but that doesn't replace money homebrewers are out in ingredients from ruined batches. They claim the only damage is a slow take off. I unfortunately brewed up a Haus Pale Ale in celebration of getting some part time employment. It took forever to take off and when it finally did, it smelled funky. Today, I bottled that beer, 5 weeks sitting in the primary. Cloudiest beer I have ever seen. Smelled very off from the other times I brewed this same recipe. I'll give it the three weeks to see how it tastes before I pass final judgment. I could have thrown some gelatin at this to get it to clear up, but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be worth the effort. As I said, we'll give it the benefit of time before final judgment is made.

OG: 1.057
FG: 1.020
ABV: 4.8%

At least this I made a Corona bottle happy...for now, three weeks from now...who knows.


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